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Industrial Plumbing Supplies        

Flexible Plumbertools offers industrial plumbing supplies for your commercial plumbing company. Our power drain cleaners, plumbing snakes, s and other plumbing equipment are products designed to assist in all industrial plumbing companies.

If you would like more information about our plumbing supplies, be sure to visit our online commercial plumbing supply web page. There you will find all the plumbing supply needs, including heavy industrial plumbing supplies.

Commercial PlumbingFor over 70 years we've been meeting plumber's performance expectations. 
Because of our constant plumbing supply product development, improvement and quality control, we are able to back our plumbing equipment with a 2 year warranty!

We make the lightest commercial plumbing equipment supplies available, because heavier plumbing equipment doesn't mean better the equipment -  

Commercial Plumbing

We are the ONLY manufacturer to make an "Auto Feed" that works the way you think - Push handle forward, and the plumbing snake goes in.  Pull handle back, and the plumbing snake comes out. -  No need to remember whether up is in or down is out!

Whatever your job, we have the machine or tool for you.  Like our name, our industrial plumbing snakes are "Flexible".  

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Industrial Plumbing Supplies

Commercial Plumbing

All Heads and Connectors are Interchangeable with those of
General Wire Spring

Click on a Size to See Snake and Cable Choices Available for Each Machine

For commercial plumbing supplies, such as drain and pipe clearing– large or small– we have 
the right drain cleaning plumbing equipment for you! 

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Payments by Credit Card can be arranged over the phone. 
We are happy to provide technical assistance– click here or contact us by phone.

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