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Our most powerful coiled rod machine. Major Duty For A Minor Price

No Root Too Tough, Ask A Plumber Who Owns One!


3 H.P. Gasoline Driven Available

MOTOR 10 amp universal, reversible, gear motor with reduction through dual belt pulleys to your choice of 300 RPM for power, or 600 RPM for cutter speed. On/Off and directional rotation lever are within easy reach on the motor. GFIC Electric shock protection with 25ft. cord.
FRAME Heavy duty, 4 wheel, lightweight frame with height adjustable handle. Easily removable dual belt guard for easy access to change speed of rod rotation.
AUTO-CHUCK Push the waist-high 4-way handle forward to grip the rod for rotation, pull it back to release the rod. Move the handle outboard to tighten the belts and rotate the rod. Release the handle and rotation stops. After a little practice these movements become almost automatic.
COILED ROD Close coiled, left hand wound rods are 1" diameter X 25' long. They are easily coupled together for cleaning runs of 200' or more by means of a 5/8" hex nut. All tools are connected to the coiled rod in the same manner. Once the rod and tool are started in the drain, the Flexi-Cleaner is wheeled forward or pulled back which easily pushes or pulls the rod in or out of the line. The 1" coiled rod is at least 4 times stronger than 3/4" cable. Many Flex-Cleaners have been in use for more than 20 years.


SKU Description Weight
PRO-F-100-SS STANDARD SET - PRO-F-100-SS INCLUDES: 1-FLEXICLEANER (with Electric Motor), 4 ea. COILED RODS 1" X 25', 1 ea. SPEAR HEAD, AND 1 ea. HD SAW CUTTER FOR 4" PIPE 265 lb
PRO-F-100-MS MASTER SET - PRO-F-100-MS INCLUDES: 1- FLEXICLEANER (with Electric Motor), 4 ea. COILED RODS 1" X 25', 1 ea. SPEAR HEAD, 1 ea. ROOT CUTTER FOR 4" PIPE, 1 ea. 4" SAW CUTTER, 1 ea. CENTRIFUGAL CUTTER FOR 3-6" PIPE, AND 1 ea. PICK UP TOOL.295 lb
PRO-F-100  FLEXI CLEANER Machine Electric Only  
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