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Limited 2-Year Warranty

This warranty applies to all equipment manufactured by Flexible Plumbertool and is in effect for 2 years after delivery of our product to the ultimate consumer. Proof of date of purchase may be required. The Warranty covers both defects of material and workmanship.

WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Any products that have been in an accident, or subject to alteration, misuse, or abuse. Continued use that aggravates the damage after the defect is noted. User disassembly of equipment noted for Factory Service Only, voids the Warranty. The respective factories warrant electric and gasoline motors, and the GFIC for one year. Snakes, Cables and Coiled Rods and their tools are NOT INCLUDED in the 2-Year Warranty.

TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR WARRANTY: Call our Service Representative 1-800-981-3983 or your local salesman and be prepared to describe fully the claimed defect. It is advisable to have your machine close to the telephone as often information is needed that can only be answered by referring to the machine itself.

This warranty is intended to comply with the Federal Law applicable to equipment manufactured after July 4, 1975. It replaces any previous warranty or guarantee published or included elsewhere. It is not intended to reduce Warranty coverage you have previously enjoyed under the policies of Flexible Plumbertool

Special Notes

Kinking: All steel wire has a memory to return to its straight condition after bending. Flexible Plumbertool uses only mill certified Swedish Music Wire, and Hard Drawn Wire for making snakes. They are always stress relieved after coiling to return them to maximum flexibility and memory.

Acids: Draino, Liquid Plumber and other "easy chemical remedies" can leave acid residue in the drain. No matter how diluted, acid solutions can cause crystallization of the steel which can easily be identified. If at all possible the drain should be flushed before cleaning. Obviously this cannot be done in many cases, but the risk of crystallization is just one of the many reasons the professional plumber must ask a fair price for his services. Where flushing is impossible, coat the cable or snake with oil for acid protection.

Minimum Invoice: $50.00
Terms of Sale: Visa or MasterCard
Product Changes: Flexible Plumbertool reserves the right to make any changes or improvements of it's products without incurring any liability or obligation whatsoever and without being required to make any corresponding changes or improvements in products previously manufactured or sold.
Price Changes: The right is reserved to change prices without prior notice.
Customer Service Representative: We invite calls from our users to consult regarding special problems, special parts or equipment. Alteration and response to your needs have made us the leading quality equipment supplier to the professional plumber.
Customer Service and Sales: Toll Free: 1 - 800-981-3983
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