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Technical Information
Snake Wire: 1/4" through 1/2" diameter snakes are made of Swedish Music Wire drawn especially for Flexible to have maximum hardness, yet flexibility and resistance to crystallization. Half inch snakes are made of reinforced hard drawn oil tempered wire for added strength.
Snake Normalization: This is an extra step process developed by Flexible. After snakes are coiled, the molecular structure of the wire is under stress, due to the coiling process. So as to relax the molecular structure (in other words to normalize the steel) all snakes and coiled rods are drawn through a special oven at about 600 Fahrenheit. This process gives your Flexible snake added flexibility and resistance to crystallization which prolongs its life substantially.
Snake Reinforcing: Wherever a snake is to be used under severe conditions, it will have much greater resistance to kinking and give long life, if reinforced. Experienced plumbers who do not force snakes and have a "feel" for the torque that builds up under stress, can successfully use non-reinforced snakes even in the higher limits of the diameter range. Flexible does not believe in using plastic or rope as reinforcing. Our snakes are sufficiently flexible with our special long lived reinforcing wire.
Snake Size: The pipe to be cleaned acts as a guide for the snake, preventing kinking inside the pipe (provided limits are not exceeded). If the pipe is no more than 4 times the diameter of the snake, it is almost impossible to kink. The upper range is 6 times snake diameter, but experienced plumbers are able to remove grease and other light stoppages, sometimes up to 8 times snake diameter. This should only be attempted with great care and in full realization that the possibility of kinking exists if the snake is forced.
Left Hand Winding: This is one of the most important features of your Flexible Drop Head or Cutter Head Snake. When the heads of these snakes get caught, the snake coils become tighter as tension increases, providing more penetration power, until its force becomes irresistible and the stoppage breaks. In the case of right hand wound snakes, the coils loosen and penetration power is lost. This is why Flexible snakes will open stoppages where others won't. Basin Plug Snakes with their wide spaced one piece head, must be right hand wound so they can thread through the basin strainer. If the stoppage is difficult, don't force your Basin Plug Snake. Remove the trap under the sink and go through the wall with a Drop Head or Cutter Head Snake.
Snake Splicing: The 7/16" snake, which experienced users generally consider our strongest and best all around snake, can be spliced in the event it kinks and 2 (two) 716X splicers are shipped with each snake. Unquestionably the 7/16" reinforced snake is stronger and more kink resistant, but the regular is lighter in weight and if care is used and it is limited to cleaning 1-3/4" to 2: pipes the results should be highly satisfactory.
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