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Give Drain Cleaning the Plumber's Edge With 
Z MODEL Twin Roders!
Easier to Load–Easier to Use–Easier to Care For!

We Guarantee It!
Twin Roder Features:

A. 3/4 h.p. Capacitor Start, 
     TEFC, Farm Duty Motor. 
B. 25 Foot Power Cord
C. Electric on/off Foot Pedal 
     W/GFI Electric Shock Protection
D. Toggle Reverse Rotation Switch
E. 10” Wheels

10 Good Reasons Plumbers Choose Flexible Plumbertools  
For All Their Drain Cleaning Needs

1. 40 to 50 Lbs. Lighter than other's drain cleaning equipment
2. No winch or loading ramp needed
3. Dual roller handle for loading
4. Small Footprint for small rooms
5. No snake distributor to wear out
8. Safety Leader Relieves Torque 
7. Trouble-Free Stay-Put Foot
8.  Easy-Off Drum Removal

All Models Equipped with "Auto Feed" that works the way you think–Push the handle forward and the snake goes into the drain–pull the handle back and the snake goes back in the drum–just the way it should be! 

SKU Description Weight
PTF-3410ZA Single Drum Unit with:  Auto Feed, PRO-2G Drum with 
PGTF-9 Coiled Rod 3/4” x 100’ and PRO-G53 tool 
Set, Complete. 
195 lbs
PTF-5815ZA Single Drum Unit with:  Auto Feed, PRO-2G Drum with 
58FR150 5/8” x 150’ reinf.  Coiled Rod and PRO-G53 
tool set, Complete
204 lbs
PTF-MS-ZA Dual Drum Unit with: Auto Feed, PRO-2g Drum with PGTF-9 Coiled Rod 3/4” x 100’, PRO-G53 Tool Set, PRO-3G Drum with PGTF-5 ”x 75’ Coiled Rod,
PRO-G12 Tool Set, Complete
249 lbs
PRO-3G   PRO-3G   TR Drum with Safety Overload Leader  

PRO-2G   Drum with Safety Overload Leader(for 3/4' or 5/8' Coiled Rods)


PRO-G12   6-Piece Tool Set, complete;
PTF-25  1-3/4'  Side Grease Cutter; PTF-24  1-5/8' Side Grease Cutter; MGS-MBF  Tool Adapter, Standard; MGSS-1  Arrow Spear; MGSF-1  14' Flexi-Scarifier Leader; PGTF-67  Retriever


PRO-G53   8-Piece Cutter Set, complete (for 3/4' or 5/8' Connector End Cables)
PGTF-42   2' Side Grease Cutter; PGTF-43  Star Saw (for 3' - 3-1/2' Pipe); PGTF-37  Star Scraper (for over 3' OD Pipe); PGTF-44  Star Saw  (for over 3' Pipe); PGTF-36  Star Scraper (for up to 3' Pipe); PGTF-35  Star Borer with Adapter; PGTF-68 Retriever (for 3/4' or 5/8' Coiled Rod); PGTF-45   20' Flexi-Scarifier Leader


As our slogan says, "Ask a Plumber Who Owns One." 

For drain and pipe clearing– large or small– we have 
the right drain cleaning equipment for you! 

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